Petite 173 Party 1 Pendant

Product Code: LF173PARTY1 (GP) C (7.11.16)


A Classic gold plated pendant handcrafted from real Dorites hybrid Orchid and Clay bead, available from September - October from the Royal Orchid Collection. If the 173 orchid is unavailable, other small orchid varieties may be used.

Est. Product Size :2.5 x 4 x 1-1.5 cm
Est. Product Wgt : 2.0 grams

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Raw Material:
173 Dorites pulcherrima hybrid
173 Dorites pulcherrima hybrid

This orchid is a hybrid of the Dorites pulcherrima and blooms during the rainy season months of July-September.

Available Colors:
LF/HF 171/173-Dorites Pulcherrima & Hybrids Color Chart

Available Packaging: