Petite 173 Exotic Pendant

Product Code: LF 173 EXOTIC (GP) C


A small, dainty Dorites orchid hybrid with a lacquered rose leaf on gold plated wire pendant. Available in various colors. Browse through our other product pages for matching earrings or brooches. No two are exactly alike in size, shape & coloration.

Est. Product Size : 4.8 x 4.5 x 1.0 cm
Est. Product Wgt : 2.5 grams

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Raw Material:
173 Dorites pulcherrima hybrid
173 Dorites pulcherrima hybrid

This orchid is a hybrid of the Dorites pulcherrima and blooms during the rainy season months of July-September.

Available Colors:
LF/HF 171/173-Dorites Pulcherrima & Hybrids Color Chart

Available Packaging: