Frequently Asked Questions

Here is where we try to answer the questions you might have about our products before you think of them. Down through the years, we've found that trying to 'second-guess' our clients has been a time-saver more than once.  Below are some of the things that clients have asked about:

Question: Can you tell me something about your company's history?

Answer: Siam Royal Orchid Co.Ltd.(SROC) has been in existence since 1979 and is the first manufacturer in Thailand to plate organic substances and make them into jewelry. Our factory is situated in the North of
Thailand, in the city of Chiang Mai, one of the traditional centers of craftsmanship in South East Asia.

Question: How are your products made?

Answer: Real, nature-based materials are used and selected first for their shape, size, color and quality. They are
individually wired for processing on racks that are lowered into tanks of base metal for initial plating. Our
skilled staff then attaches standardized jewelry accessories to them. The pieces are electroplated in 24K
gold, silver or copper, in a process that meets international standards (nickel free, lead free). Each piece
finally undergoes strict, quality control finishing and inspection before being labeled and packed.

Question: Why do you say that each piece is unique?

Answer: Each piece in the Jewelry and Stem lines is unique. Why? Because that's the way Nature made it. Each flower, stem, or leaf that we use is different from one another. The process of finishing is work-intensive, so that no two finished pieces will be exactly alike in color, shape, size etc. Customers must therefore allow for nature's irregularity in design.

Question: Can I order any color I like?

Answer: Clients should indicate the colors they want. SROC will always try to fill the order to the customer's specifications. If, for some reason, the desired color is not available, SROC will inform the client.

Question: How do you invoice your clients?

Answer:SROC will supply the customers with "pro-forma" invoices and confirm dispatch dates and methods of shipment. Before the order is confirmed by the customer.

Question: What is your LEAD TIME?

Answer:Upon receipt of your order, SROC will contact you and provide a tentative dispatch date. However, there may be uncontrollable factors: raw material availability or weather factors that may alter the initial ship date. SROC will keep the clients up to date if these changes occur.

Question: What are your chains made of?

Answer:Chains are of soldered copper or brass, plated in flash gold (nickel free).

Question: Are your earring studs hypo-allergenic?

Answer:All pierced earring studs use hypo-allergenic surgical steel posts. Fish hook earrings are available in sterling silver or with nickel free gold finish on brass fish hook. Earring clips are usually of brass with 2 micron (nickel free) silver plating.