Flower & Bead Design #1 Necklace

Product Code: LF FLOWER & BEAD DESIGN# 1 (SS) 18" N & SS EXTN (3.30.23)


Real Rose & Moss rose preserved in resin and assembled onto cotton cord necklace with glass beads.

"Visit our rose color chart below and select the color of the rose centerpiece flower. Moss rose colors and glass beads colors to complement rose flower color chosen.

All necklaces come with black cotton cord.

For special color requirements, please contact us directly. Thank you.

Length of necklace: 16 inch
Est.Product Size: 6 x 23 x 3-3.5 cm
Est.Product Wgt.: 36 grms

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Raw Material:
Golden Wing Rose
Golden Wing Rose

Flowering almost all year round.

Moss rose
Moss rose

Scientific name : Portulaca grandiflora

Common name : Portulaca, Moss Rose, Sun Plant, Sun Rose

Flowering all year round.


Roses for Rose stems at 5-6 cm diameter blooms available from December to around February.

Rose blooms for jewelry from 2-3 cm W, 3<4 cm, 4<5 cm. width are available almost all year round.

More color varieties available during cool season of December to February.

Miniature Rose buds are available all year round.

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