Water Lily on Silver Hook Earring

Product Code: LF Water Lily (6 < 9 cm W) (SS-Extnd) EH (1.15.24)


Real Water Lily preserved in resin and crafted into a fish hook earring.

Approx. Product Size : 7-8 cm W x 9 cm. L / side

Approx. Product Wgt. : 11-12 grm/ pair

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Raw Material:
Water Lily - Lotus
Water Lily - Lotus

The Lotus is part of the daily life of Thai Buddhists with flowers used as offerings in the temples and shrines at home. Its flower petals, seeds, flower stems and roots are edible. The lotus roots are a good source of dietary fiber, Vitamin C, moderate levels of some Vitamin B complex groups and also minerals such as copper, iron, magnesium... Used mostly in Chinese and Japanese cooking, it has also become part of the Thai cooking scene. Flowering all year round.

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