Compound Hydrangea & Pearls Bracelet

Product Code: LF Cmpd. Hydrangea and FW Seed Pearls-13 (GP) Brc (12.27.23)


A dainty bracelet of a compound hydrangea on a string of fresh water pearls with gold finished accessories.

Approx. Flower size: 2<3 cm.

Approx. Product Wgt. : 6-7 g.

Total Bracelet Length w/ Lock 19-20 cm long

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Raw Material:

First discovered in Japan, the name hydrangea comes from the Greek “hydor,” meaning water, and “angos,” meaning jar or vessel. This roughly translates to “water barrel,” referring to the hydrangea’s need for plenty of water and its cup-shaped flower. With its wooden stems and lacy, star-shaped flowers packed closely together in a pompom, the hydrangea’s color ranges from white to blue to pink and purple, determined by the acidity level of the soil. In Thailand, hydrangeas bloom during the months of June - November during the rainy season and comes mostly in shades of blues, purples or pinks. It is used as decorative flowers in weddings, special events, anniversaries…etc.

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