Golden Dendrobium Orchid Adjustable Necklace

Product Code: GF 122 Adj. (GP)N (9.13.13)


Nature to Treasure.

Real Dendrobium orchid hybrids preserved in gold plated finish and crafted into a pendant and brooch.

The Dendrobium family comes in many varieties and have been widely hydride in Thailand. They come in different shapes and sizes. Please allow for size, shape and contour variations when ordering.

No two are exactly alike.

This design is also available in Silver plated finish.

Approx. Flower size: 5.5 cm.

Approx. Product Size : 5.5 cmW x 46 cmL

Approx. Product Wgt. : 32 grams

Total Chain length 92 cm (36 inch)

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Raw Material:
122 Dendrobium
122 Dendrobium

Dendrobium orchids are a large grouping of the Orchid family. Though not native to Thailand, this variety has adapted very well and currently propagated & exported all over the world. New strains are being continuously developed.

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