Lucky Gold Plated Ixora Flower Ring

Product Code: GF Lucky Ixora (GF) Adj. Rg. (10.29.22)


Real Ixora flowers preserved in gold plate and crafted into an adjustable ring.

(Generally comes in 4 petals but sometimes there are 5 petaled flowers.)

Approx. Flower size: 1.8-2.0 x 1.8 cm.

Approx. Product Wgt : 3.26 grams

Approx. Ring Size: 1.7 cm. Diameter , #6.5 (can be expanded up to 2 cm.)

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Raw Material:
#0500 Ixora
#0500 Ixora

The Ixora plant is a sturdy plant that is usually a shrub or can grow to be a short tree and commonly seen along streets and highways and home gardens as a decorative plant. It's flowers are considered

auspicious in Thai culture and used in offerings at Buddhist rituals and in offerings during Teachers' Day. The Ixora flower is star like with pointy petals and symbolize intelligence, perception and sensibility. Flowering almost all year round.

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