Gold Finished Fern Leaf Hoop Earrings

Product Code: GL Fern Leaf Hoop (Surg.Stl.) EP (3.2.23)


Fern leaves preserved in gold finish and crafted into hoop pierced earrings. Comes with surgical steel posts. Leaf sizes, shapes, textures will vary from pair to pair. No two are exactly alike.

Est. Product size (per piece): 3-3.5 cm W x 4-4.5 cm L x 1.5 cm H
Est. Product Wgt : 16.00 grams/pair

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Raw Material:
Chain Fern Leaf
Chain Fern Leaf

Scientific name: Cibotium barometz

Common name: Golden Moss, Chain Fern

Available all year round.

Available Packaging: