Partial silver-plated rose stem 11"

Product Code: SiHF Rose CH/2L 11"


11" partially silver-plated real rose stem with rose flower and 2 leaves edged in gold plate. Size, shape and color differ from stem to stem. 

Est. Overall Prod. size : 7.5-8.5 x 27.5-29.0 x 7.0-8.0 cm
Est. Est. Overall Prod. Wgt: 50 grams

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Raw Material:

Roses for Rose stems at 5-6 cm diameter blooms available from December to around February.

Rose blooms for jewelry from 2-3 cm W, 3<4 cm, 4<5 cm. width are available almost all year round.

More color varieties available during cool season of December to February.

Miniature Rose buds are available all year round.