Dendrobium Orchid Fantasy 5

Product Code: LF122 FANTASY5 (GW)-CH


Real Dendrobium orchid on fanciful, colorful wirework. Comes with resin stand and individual packing box. Color wirework will compliment orchid color and will vary from piece to piece. Please note that large Dendrobium orchids used for designs #1, 5 and 6 are available only in 2 tone color schemes of "purple+ another color". Please refer to color chart below.

Est. Product Size: 5.8-6.5 x 5-5.1 x 16-17.4 cm
Est. Product Wgt: 60 grms
Est. Stem+Flwr Size: 5.8-6.8 x 4-4.9 x 14.9-16.8 cm
Est. Stem+Flwr Wgt: 10 grms
Est. Flower Size: 5.8-6.8 x 5.6 x 3.5 cm

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Raw Material:
122 Dendrobium
122 Dendrobium

Dendrobium orchids are a large grouping of the Orchid family. Though not native to Thailand, this variety has adapted very well and currently propagated & exported all over the world. New strains are being continuously developed.