F. Silver Star Orchid/5 Bracelet

Product Code: FSiF Star Orchid/5 (SS) (17.5 cm Brc (8<9gF/12.29.17)


Trichoglottis cirrhifera orchids preserved in Fine Silver and crafted onto a sterling silver bracelet.

Est. Flower Size: 1.5 <2 cm Width

7" length

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Raw Material:
133 Trichoglottis cirrhifera
133 Trichoglottis cirrhifera

The Trichoglottis cirrhifera is one of the smallest orchids indigenous to Thailand with flowers of around 1 cm diameter. The orchid flowers on every leaf junction in 1-2 blooms in a golden yellow with brownish pigmentation. The orchid blooms around February to March - April.

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