Gold Finish Renanstylis Bangkok Flame Stickpin

Product Code: GF 12 (GP) OP (8.11.20)


An enticing orchid, this Renanstylis Bangkok Flame is preserved in gold plate and crafted into a stickpin.  No two are exactly alike in size, shape, contours, color…etc.

Est. Product Size: 4 x 7.5 x 2 cm

Est. Product Wgt.: 10 grms.

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Raw Material:
12 Renanstylis Bangkok flame
12  Renanstylis Bangkok flame

The renanthera or Renanstylis Bangkok flame is a member of Orchidaceae family. This type of orchids can be vastly found in red , with its flowers blooming in length of 7-8 cm and width of 1.5-3 cm. The renanthera blooms during February to April. These orchids are likely to planted in pots and popularly placed indoor for decorating homes, auditoriums, hotel lobbies and any other public places.

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