Gold Finished Dancing Doll Stickpin

Product Code: GF 51 OP (2.6.17)


Real Oncidium goldiana & hybrids preserved in silver plated finish and crafted into a stickpin.  Oncidium goldiana is commonly known as the "Dancing Doll" orchid due to the orchid flower's shape  or Golden Shower orchid due to the numerous flowers it has on 1 spike or branch.    Also available in silver plated finish.

Product size : 2.0-3.5x5.5-6.0x1.5 cm
Product Wgt : 3.4 grams

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Raw Material:
51 Oncidium
51 Oncidium

Oncidium varieties are originally from South America and were brought into Thailand for commercial purposes in the 1970's. Today many varieties of these "Dancing Doll" orchids are now grown and hybrided in Thailand.

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