Tricho. dawsoniana orchid stickpin in gold finish

Product Code: GF 132 OP(2.6.17)


The star like Trichoglottis dawsoniana is known locally in Thailand as Suea Phaew or "Fishing Cat" due to the orchid's natural coloration  looking like the spots or stripes of a  feline cat.   The T.dawsoniana blooms around March-April in Thailand. This seasonal orchid is now preserved and finished in gold plate as a stickpin.

Product size : 2.5-2.7x5.5x1.5 
Product Wgt : 3.0-4.0 grams


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Raw Material:
132 Trichoglottis dawsoniana
132 Trichoglottis dawsoniana

Trichoglottis dawsoniana Orchid.

The indigenous Thai orchid blooms only for a few weeks between March-May and is commonly referred to as one of the "Leopard" orchids because of the brown spots on its creamy yellow surface.

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