Petite 173 Ring II Stickpin

Product Code: LF 173 RING II OP


Gold plated spiral wire stickpin highlighted by real, lacquered purple Dorites orchid hybrid. Where unavailable orchid 174 or other small orchid varieties may be used.

Est. Product Size : 3.3 x 7.5 x 1.5 cm 
Est. Product Wgt : 5.00 grams

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Raw Material:
173 Dorites pulcherrima hybrid
173 Dorites pulcherrima hybrid

This orchid is a hybrid of the Dorites pulcherrima and blooms during the rainy season months of July-September.

Available Colors:
LF/HF 171/173-Dorites Pulcherrima & Hybrids Color Chart

Available Packaging: