Cork Tree Leaf Earring

Product Code: GL Cork Tree Leaf (1.5 x 2-2.5) (Surg.Stl.) EP (8.25.16)


Real Cork Tree or Indian Cork leaf  preserved in gold plate and crafted into post earrings.

Available also in silver plated finish.

Est. Leaf size: 1.5 cm W x 2-2.5cm L
Est. Product Wgt : 2.00 grams/pair

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Raw Material:
Cork Tree Leaf
Cork Tree Leaf

Common name : Cork Tree or Indian cork

Scientific name: Millingtonia hortensis

Millingtonia hortensis, the tree jasmine or Indian cork tree, is the sole species in the genus Millingtonia, is a tree native to South Asia & South East Asia.

In the name Millingtonia hortensis, Millingtonia is named for Sir Thomas Millington who was an inspiration to Carl Linnaeus the Younger who first described the genus. The specific epithet 'hortensia' derives from 'hortensis' and 'hortus' which in Latin is related to garden. In its synonym, Bignonia suberosa, 'suberosa' derives from 'suberos' which means 'corky' in Latin.

Millingtonia Avenue in Lucknow is named after Millingtonia hortensis.

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