Alyse Clover Earring

Product Code: GL Alyse Clover (1-1.5 x1.5) (Surg.Stl.) EP (8.25.16)


Real Alyse clover preserved in gold plate and crafted into post earrings.

Available also in silver plated finish.

Est. Leaf size: 1-1.5 cm W x 1.5 cm L
Est. Product Wgt : 2.00 grams/pair

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Raw Material:
Alyce clover
Alyce clover

The Alysicarpus vaginalis or Alyce clover is a flowering plant of the legume (Fabaceae) family and is indigenous to Africa and Asia. It is a perennial, creeping, hardy herb that runs along the ground. It is food for livestock and tolerant to grazing and mowing. This common, un-noticed herb is now transformed with it's distinctive characteristics into Fine Silver jewelry by Chiang Mai artisans. Available all year round.

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