GL/SiP Rippling Brooch Fish Hook Earring

Product Code: GL/SiP Trim Rippling Brook (SS) EH (3.30.18)


Pigmy Sword Fern  preserved in silver and gold finish & crafted into a asymmetrical earrings; mimicking a riplpling brook. No two bracelets would be exactly allik.

Overal Product Size: Short Leaf Size: 0.8-1.2 cm W x 7 cmL

Long Leaf Size: 0.8=1.2 cm W x 8 cm L

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Raw Material:
Pigmy Swordfern Leaf
Pigmy Swordfern Leaf

Scientific name: Nephrolepis duffii

Common name: Pigmy Swordfern

Available all year round.

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