Mum Post Earring

Product Code: LF MUM (2.8-3 CM W) (SURG.STL) EP (3.1.20)


Real Mum flowers  in natural or in dyed fashionable colors, paired, preserved in resin and crafted into post earrings.     Pairs are matched as closely as possible based on flowers available at the time of order placement.    No two pairs are exactly alike.

Flower size: 1.8 -3 cm W.

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Raw Material:
Mum - Chrysanthemum
Mum - Chrysanthemum

Scientific name : Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum flowers are originally native to China, where the blossoms are steeped in legend and have been cultivated since the 15th century BCE. Chinese explorers brought the flowers to Japan in the 8th century CE, where they were adopted as the flower of the emperor’s family and remain an important symbol today. Chrysanthemums are placed around the emperor’s throne by citizens, earning it the name The Chrysanthemum Throne. The flowers were spread into Europe in the 17th century along the Silk Road and other trade routes and were brought to North and South America at the end of the 18th century. Chrysanthemum varieties can be found growing wild and in gardens throughout much of the world today. They thrive in many different climates, including hot summer areas and areas with cooler and more humid weather. Chrysanthemums should be procured from farmers’ markets and reputable food markets if they are for culinary use. Blossoms grown for flower markets and florists should not be consumed due to pesticides and other chemicals used during decorative flower farming. Flowering all year round.

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