Gilded Orbs & FW Pearl Drop Fish Hook Earring

Product Code: GF Gilded Orbs & FW Pearl Drop (GP) EH (3.6.23)


Dangling earrings of golden Pea Aubegine orbs highlighted by fresh water pearls . Nature preserved and gold plated for you.

Approx.Product Size (per piece) : 1.5 cm W x 14 cm L

Approx. Prod. Net Wgt.: 26 grams/pair

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Raw Material:
Pea Aubergines
Pea Aubergines

Pea Aubergine also called Turkey Berry or Makhua phuang in Thai, looks much like green peas. They are the fruit of the Solanum torvum plant. Pea Aubergines are eaten in Thailand as fresh with chilli sauces or as cooked vegetable in Green Curries.

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